• Warehouse Bins

    Warehouse Bins1.Made of high-strength polypropylene imported from EXXONMOBIL
    2.Nestable to save space when empty
    3.18 different sizes available
    4.ESD and customer color acceptable

  • Part Bins with Dividers

    Part Bins with Dividers1.Part Bins with dividers feature molded-in label holder.
    2.Wide hopper front allows easy access to contents of bin while in shelving. Reinforced edges add strength and durability.

  • Plastic Parts Bins

    Plastic Parts BinsIt can be used as a drawer on the rack with steel handles. Special handles reserve holes to ensure that the handles are securely mounted.

  • Plastic Organization Bins

    Plastic Organization Bins1.Plastic Organization Bins are the industry-leading hanging plastic storage bin.
    2.Heavy-duty, industrial-grade polymer bins stack together or hang from
    3.Plastic Organization Bins are corrosion-proof and unaffected by weak acids and alkali.

  • Plastic ESD Bins

    Plastic ESD BinsFlexible in a variety of lockers. Customizable anti-static models.

  • ESD Storage Bins

    ESD Storage Bins1.Durable ESD Storage Bins made with electrostatic dissipative (ESD) materials.
    2.ESD Storage Bins are made to protect sensitive electronic components from electrostatic charges.
    3.Our ESD material has a very low carbon content and will not...

  • Plastic Stacking Bins

    Plastic Stacking Bins1.Plastic Stacking Bins is suitable for the storage and use of various small parts, materials, stationery, etc. of the factory and the office.
    2.Widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics, and other...

  • Industrial Stacking Bins

    Industrial Stacking Bins1.Industrial Stacking Bins have easy mounting length-way dividers or width-way dividers for multiple utilization of space
    2.Industrial Stacking Bins with lots of reinforced ribs ensure strong stability
    3.Compatible with shelves or cabinet bins...

  • Plastic Shelf Trays

    Plastic Shelf Trays1.The Plastic Shelf Trays, exclusively available from GUANYU, are the first of their kind in the industry and are perfect for storing medium, large and even heavy items.
    2.The Plastic Shelf Trays are strong and made from polypropylene and feature a...

  • Storage Trays with Dividers

    Storage Trays with DividersA special design size chain that can be used as a container for most materials. Closed design around the room to enhance the space available for the material box

  • Plastic Storage Trays

    Plastic Storage TraysSteel handles are durable and easy to handle. It can be used as a drawer on the rack with steel handles. Special handles reserve holes to ensure reliable handle installation

  • Nut and Bolt Storage Boxes

    Nut and Bolt Storage Boxes1.Nuts and Bolts Storage Boxes in many sizes and styles for transporting, picking and storage.
    2.The Storage Boxes are ideal for applications in distribution, grocery and general manufacturing, these containers deliver long-lasting, cost-saving...