• Plastic Stack Storage Bins

    Plastic Stack Storage Bins1.Plastic Stack Storage Bins are made of high-strength polypropylene and easy to clean.
    2.Plastic Stack Storage Bins are perfert to store small parts and components in any industry
    3.Stackable on each other and works with wire shelving, racking

  • Plastic Pick Storage Bins

    Plastic Pick Storage Bins1.Plastic Pick Storage Bins make storage easy because the units can be stacked one on top of each other, only using vertical space.
    2.Plastic Pick Storage Bins are designed with front, back and side grips, which allows for easy handling, and a...

  • Plastic Pick Bins

    Plastic Pick BinsThe beveled design at the opening makes accessing the parts more convenient. Flexible in a variety of lockers.

  • Heavy Duty Picking Bins

    Heavy Duty Picking Bins1.Heavy Duty Picking Bins are available in 12 different sizes.
    2.Optional dividers, windows and lids as well as slots on the front for labels
    3.Heavy Duty Picking Bins can be stacked and/or hung from wall mounted panels and/or rails

  • Plastic Shelf Bins

    Plastic Shelf Bins1.Plastic Shelf Bins are long-lasting storage for small parts and components.
    2.The bins can nest to save storage space.
    3.The bins are FDA compliant resins.
    4.Molded label holder to identify contents.

  • Shelf Bin with Dividers

    Shelf Bin with Dividers1.200mm High Shelf Bin with Dividers are available in multiple sizes and colors
    2.Shelf Bin with Dividers are tough, heavy duty bins that will not get worn out like cardboard or corrugated boxes

  • Economy Shelf Bins

    Economy Shelf Bins1.Available in 18 different sizes, OEM color available.
    2.FDA standard virgin PP as raw material, economy Shelf Bins with 18sizes provide a neat and attractive storage solution.

  • Stackable Shelf Bins

    Stackable Shelf Bins1.Stackable, work perfectly with shelving units and racking stystem.
    2.Available in 12 different sizes for your choice.
    3.100% virgin PP material(FDA standard).
    4.OEM color available.

  • Shelf Bin Storage Systems

    Shelf Bin Storage Systems1.Widely applied in warehouse and workshop
    2.Easy installation
    3.FDA standard bins available even for medicine and drug storage

  • Stack and Nest Bins

    Stack and Nest Bins1.Stack and Nest Bins are available in multiple sizes and colors
    2.Stack and Nest Bins are tough, heavy duty bins that will not get worn out like cardboard or corrugated boxes
    3.Optional dividers, as well as slots on the front for labels

  • Plastic Stack Bins

    Plastic Stack Bins1.The Plastic Stack Bins, exclusively available from GUANYU, are the first of their kind in the industry and are perfect for storing medium, large and even heavy items.
    2.The Plastic Stack Bins are strong and made from polypropylene and feature a...

  • Hopper Bin

    Hopper BinA special design size chain that can be used as a container for most materials. Steel handle, durable and easy to handle Card slot on the side wall of the box for partition storage