• Parts Storage Bins

    Parts Storage Bins1.Work perfectly with shelf rack.
    2.With width divider and length divider for multifunctional storage
    3.OEM color available

  • Clear Storage Bins

    Clear Storage Bins1.Available in 18 different szies.
    2.Work perfectly with shelving units.
    3.Width and length dividers keep items neatly separated.
    4.Can hold up to a maximum of 8 SKUs.

  • Stackable Storage Bins

    Stackable Storage Bins1.Stackable Storage Bins are made of high-strength polypropylene with reinforced rims.
    2.Each Stackable Storage Bins could be interlocked side by side
    3.Stackable Storage Bins can stack on each other with 4 stanchions
    4.Works with wire...

  • Wall Mounted Storage Bins

    Wall Mounted Storage Bins1.Wall Mounted Storage Bins are available in multiple sizes and colors
    2.Wall Mounted Storage Bins are tough, heavy duty bins that will not get worn out like cardboard or corrugated boxes
    3.With solt on the front for labels

  • Hanging Storage Bins

    Hanging Storage Bins1.The Hanging storage bins will truly maximize and organize your space.
    2.Manufactured from high density polypropylene, Guanyu's exclusive Hanging Storage Bins are the industry standard for quality.

  • Heavy Duty Storage Bins

    Heavy Duty Storage Bins1.Heavy Duty Storage Bins make storage easy because the units can be stacked one on top of each other, only using vertical space. The rise rods can help enlarge the space between the bins.
    2.These bins are designed with front, back and side grips,...

  • Stacking Storage Bins

    Stacking Storage Bins1.Stacking Storage Bins can optimize your storage space.
    2.Stacking Storage Bins are the industry-leading hanging and stacking plastic storage bin.

  • Storage Bin Organizer

    Storage Bin Organizer1.Storage Bin Organizer are made of high-strength polypropylene with reinforced rims
    2.Each Storage Bin Organizer could nest in each other to save space when empty
    3.Rear handlock allows bin to hang on louvered panel

  • Industrial Plastic Storage Bins

    Industrial Plastic Storage Bins1.Industrial Plastic Storage Bins with 18sizes are constructed of durable industrial-grade plastic and provide a neat and attractive storage solution.
    2.Industrial Plastic Storage Bins are a superior alternative to weak and flimsy cardboard bins....

  • Clear Plastic Storage Bins

    Clear Plastic Storage Bins1.Clear color available as customer request.
    2.Varied size available for your choice

  • Plastic Parts Storage Bins

    Plastic Parts Storage Bins1.Plastic Parts Storage Bins can optimize your storage space.
    2.Plastic Parts Storage Bins are the industry-leading hanging and stacking plastic storage bin.

  • Plastic Stacking Storage Bins

    Plastic Stacking Storage BinsThe craft hooks behind the back can be perfectly matched with the louver hanging board and the tool cabinet hanging board. There is a bezel slot at the front end of the bevel that can be inserted into the bezel to prevent the gadget from escaping when it...