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Tips For Buying A Folding Plastic Crates
- Dec 27, 2018 -

  First of all, we can identify the surface of the tote. By observing the surface of the folded plastic crates, it is possible to initially identify which type of finished plastic product belongs to a thermoplastic or a thermosetting plastic or an elastomer. Thermoplastics are also divided into two broad categories, crystalline and amorphous. The surface of the crystalline plastic is translucent, turbid and opaque, and is transparent only in the state of the film, and the strength is from soft to horny. However, the amorphous plastic color is usually colorless and the color is completely transparent without additives. Thermosetting plastics usually contain fillers that are opaque in color and transparent in color if they are free of fillers. The elastomer has a rubbery feel and a certain stretch ratio.

   We can also use the heating method for identification. The elastomer does not generally flow until it is heated until it is heated. The folded plastic turnover box softens and dissolves when heated, and the color becomes transparent when dissolved, and the wire can be pulled out therefrom. The thermosetting plastic can be heated until the material is chemically decomposed to maintain its original hardness without softening, and the size is relatively stable, and carbonized to the decomposition temperature.