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The Reason Why The Plastic Turnover Box Is Brittle
- Jan 16, 2019 -

First, the mold aspect

(1) If the gate is too small, consideration should be given to adjusting the size of the gate or adding an auxiliary gate.

(2) If the shunt is too small or improperly configured, try to arrange a reasonable balance or increase the size of the bypass.

(3) The mold structure is not good, resulting in abnormal injection cycle.

Second, the equipment

(1) There are dead corners or obstacles in the cylinder, which easily promote the degradation of the molten material.

(2) The mechanical plasticizing ability is too small, the plastic in the cylinder is not completely plasticized, the mechanical plasticizing ability is too large, the plastic heating time in the cylinder is too long, and the plastic is easy to age, making the product brittle.

(3) The ejection device is inclined or unbalanced, and the cross section is small or unevenly distributed.