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The Daily Maintenance Method Of Plastic Board
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The daily maintenance method of plastic board

1. in the use of plastic card board, we should pay attention to light handle, do not let the card board is uneven, otherwise it is easy to damage the card board.

2. if the stacking of the use of plastic board, to see the bottom of the board of the weight bearing capacity, there is no damage, if any, to reduce the weight in time.

3. when placing goods, you'd better place them on the average, so that you can avoid the appearance of lateral distortion when lifting or handling.

4. when using plastic board to carry goods, we should consider whether the size of the goods can meet the use of plastic board, and to avoid the improper size of the plastic card.

5. in order to prevent the card from being damaged in the process of use, we suggest that the cargoes be put on the board in the form of package combination code, which is beneficial to the loading and unloading of the board. Of course, the plastic board has a lot of daily maintenance common sense, we need to know more about the maintenance knowledge of plastic board, and pay more attention to the use of the plastic card, so that the plastic board can be used more long.