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Processing Mode Of Backlog Of Plastic Box
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Processing mode of backlog of plastic box

Products that are overloaded in plastic boxes or returned goods may be sent back to the manufacturer for processing, or they may be sent to middlemen for further processing. Because of the uncertainty of reverse logistics demand, the difficulty of the operation of reverse logistics enterprises and the fuzziness of the quantity of returned goods are caused.

The imbalance between the supply and demand of plastic boxes. The mismatch between the supply and demand of reverse logistics is mainly manifested in the slow speed of the concentration of goods in reverse logistics, the complexity of the processing process and the lagging of the regenerated value of the recycled goods. In addition, it also shows that the supply and demand are not matched. The positive logistics is a small number of manufacturers facing many customers. The plastic box manufacturers can give full play to the economies of scale, and have a strong logistics outsourcing or the initiative and enthusiasm of establishing logistics network. In reverse logistics, manufacturers face the uncertainty of return and re create value, uncertainty of supply and demand, resulting in imbalance between supply and demand.