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Guanyu Plastic Turnover Basket Is Very Durable
- Dec 03, 2018 -

  Plastic baskets, such multi-purpose products, are not only low-priced, but also very durable, which is a very good choice!

     Classification of plastic baskets: four types of mesh can be stacked, mesh can be set, closed can be set, suitable for warehouse, production line, factory internal turnover. The stackable type is suitable for stacking, and the sleeve type is not suitable for stacking, but it can save space after use. The mesh type can only stack solid objects, and the closed type can stack solid objects and stack liquid items. Disposable plastic baskets.

     Characteristics of plastic baskets: economical (recyclable) Environmental protection (protection of ecological environment) Hygiene (acid and alkali resistance, mildew, moisture proof, anti-mite) Safety (no nails, no radiation, no toxicity, no smell) Convenient (no need to repair and easy to handle).