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How To Make An Integrated Plastic Card Board Box?
- Jun 05, 2018 -

How to make an integrated plastic card board box?

The large plastic board box with high impact strength HDPE (low pressure high density polyethylene) is used as the raw material. The enclosure of the closed board and the grid card box is used in one injection molding technology. The product is designed with the tray and the box body as a whole. It is especially suitable for the use of the supporting forklift and the manual transport car, and the turnover is more flexible and convenient.

Large plastic enclosed cartons and large plastic grid cartons can also be purchased according to the actual use of accessories as follows:

(1) rubber wheel (generally 6 rubber wheels in each carton, convenient for flexible movement).

(2) the lid of the carton box (the design of the box lid is inverted, and the sealing is stronger. After matching the card lid, it will not only affect the stacking of the plastic card box, but also make the stacking effect better. Tips: no weight can be loaded on the lid.

(3) water Tsui (in the large closed board box for storing liquid articles, easy to store liquid articles from a closed board box taken out of the design of the drain, the design is more humanized).