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How To Judge The Quality Of The Plastic Board?
- Jun 05, 2018 -

How to judge the quality of the plastic board?

1, materials: plastic card boards generally use PP, PE plastic raw materials.

2, shape classification

Double faced: this kind of plastic card can be used for both sides and is widely used for stacking mode and shelf life.

One side type: separable shelf type and standard type and ordinary type. Different single sided card boards are selected according to different usage modes.

Flat surface: the surface is smooth and the surface is mostly planar, and some flat board has a little mesh on the surface.

Grid type: the surface is smooth and the surface is mostly grid shaped.

Plastic box

3, structural classification

Nine foot type plastic cardboard: the distribution of nine feet on the back of the cardboard, the four sides of the square plate and the four corners, each with four feet, one foot with nine feet in the middle, and generally the three feet are parallel to the three groups of feet.

Plastic card board: on the reverse side of the nine foot plastic card, it has three groups of feet parallel to each other.