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Guanyu Successfully Developed Hollow Board Turnover Box
- Jan 07, 2019 -

1. This kind of box belongs to plastic products and has the characteristics of lighter weight. Compared with other ordinary cartons, it is more conducive to the transit and transportation of products;

2, this box has moisture-proof characteristics, which is a big advantage that distinguishes it from ordinary paper strips, so that it can be widely used in those fields that have high requirements for moisture resistance;

3. This kind of box has foldable characteristics. When it is empty, people can choose to fold it up, so that it can better utilize the limited warehouse space and save the cost for the enterprise;

4. The bottom of the box has a non-slip design, so it can be transported normally on the production line of the factory, without the situation of inclined rollover;

5. This kind of box has the characteristics of flammability. Since it belongs to plastic products, it must have the characteristics of plastic products: flammability.