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Guanyu Advocates “plastic Container, Promote Efficient Logistics, And Make Green Messenger
- Dec 26, 2018 -

  We are eager for a beautiful earth, a green home, a blue sky, and a fresh air. However, due to the vandalism, pollution, and waste of human beings, the earth has become riddled with holes and bruises. Human beings have been punished by nature and gradually realized the importance of environmental protection. In my hometown of Luchuan, a Kyushu River runs through the county. Listening to the old man said that the water of the former Kyushu River was crystal clear, and the hot springs on the riverside of the river continued to attract tourists from all directions. In summer, people often went swimming in the river. Now, the Kyushu River has become a "sewage river." The river is turbid, and it is also stinky. Various kinds of garbage float on the river surface. The hot springs are greatly reduced. It is necessary to use a water pump to pump them up. People no longer dare to swim in the river. Is this not the result of people damaging the environment? Our Guanyu guarantees that the plastics used by me are all new materials, do not contain any environmentally-friendly materials, and are guaranteed to be non-polluting, non-returnable, and safe to use.