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Do You Know How To Use The Turnover Box?
- Jan 22, 2019 -

The tote is often broken during use. How to use the tote is now almost a headache for every manufacturer. The following small series will share with you how to use the tote.

First, the customer needs to determine with the supplier how to send the tote. Because under normal circumstances, the supplier will take the empty box after the delivery is completed, so it is determined that the issuing method can arrange the corresponding person to go to the docking point with the supplier, and put all the HP turnover boxes before the product is put into storage. All of them are docked and transferred. When the supplier takes the tote, it is best to ask the supplier to provide the docking order, so as to avoid future differences in the number of totes and affect the cooperation.

If the supplier's totes are not available for storage at the time, they need to be temporarily stored in the customer's premises. Then, at the beginning of the relationship with the supplier, you need to talk to the customer and determine what kind of responsibility the supplier has to take in the factory. It is best to determine the number of deposits on the line, because there is more than one customer and supplier cooperation. If each supplier puts a large number of turnover boxes on the customer's site, then the customer must maintain the totes and provide the totes. The pressure on the warehouse is slowly increasing. Therefore, it is best to talk to the supplier about the upper limit of the storage amount. Once the number of the turnover box is close to the upper limit, it is necessary to contact the supplier to take the temporary storage box when the next delivery.