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Determination Of The Number Of Totes Used And Whether They Can Be Recycled.
- Feb 13, 2019 -

Determination of the number of totes used and whether they can be recycled

1. How to determine the quantity used

Generally, the specific specifications and types of articles are generally known, and the volume is calculated according to the volume of the articles and the volume of the turnover box. But also consider the gap between the item and the box, usually take three to ten percent, so you can determine the amount used.

 2. Can it be recycled?

A turnover box is a container that can be recycled. As long as it is of good quality and is used correctly, it can be used multiple times.

3. Is the turnover box and the outer box a kind?

These two are different concepts. The turnover box is mainly used in product turnover packaging, with protection products and optimized storage and transportation functions, generally plastic. The outer packaging is paper, usually the original packaging of the product.