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Classification And Performance Of Turnover Box
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Classification and performance of turnover box

Nowadays, the development of the transportation industry has drawn a high tide in the field of logistics. In addition, the need for the turnaround box in the loading of the goods is also included in the category of the hot selling products. So how much do you know about the classification and performance of the turnaround box? The following information will briefly introduce the knowledge of these two aspects, and hope to provide help to the customers who do not know much about it.

The turnover box provides convenience for transporting goods, and if it can understand its classification, it will save much space and economic cost for freight transportation. The classification of this kind of goods is very simple. One is a common rule that can be heaped. It can be stacked in a certain order when transporting. There are also concave revolving boxes. It is also a more practical box.

The most economical and practical should belong to the folding turnaround box, which not only can be stacked, but also can be folded up after unloading the cargoes, and can also reduce the space burden for the logistics vehicles. The last one belongs to a heap and concave combination, which professionals call the stack turnaround box, which, of course, is designed to combine the advantages of the two boxes.

The above is the classification of the shape and structure of the plastic turnover box. If it is divided on the material, it can be divided into two kinds of high density polyethylene and polypropylene. The shock resistance of the first kind is better. It is suitable for the transportation of goods that are fragile and crash. The selection of the two kinds of raw materials is all ready for the packing and packing of logistics. The standard of Cheng Yunshu. Generally in logistics distribution, technical personnel will choose the type of plastic turnover box according to the characteristics of the customer's goods, so that it can make its performance can be played.