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Choice Of Hardness And Hardness Of Pallet Products
- Nov 06, 2018 -

  Nowadays, the pallet products on the market are uneven. Many buyers are not very clear about the hardness of the pallets. I don't know which trays are softer and more durable.

  The hardness of the optional pallet is an important indicator. It is too soft for the pallet to take up the cargo. If it is unstable, it will cause the cargo to fall. The tray that is too hard is likely to be plastic. The plastic will change when it ages. It is very hard, very brittle, and it is easy to damage in use. At the time of purchase, we can erect the tray and shake it back and forth to see if the sway is relatively large. You can use your foot to step on the tray to see if there is any obvious deformation, especially on the edge of the tray. When the goods are loaded, when the forklift is used, the sides are turned down to make the trays arched. Therefore, when purchasing pallets, you must choose the right pallet according to your own environment.