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Workshop parts box product introduction
- Jan 25, 2019 -

The workshop parts box is made of polypropylene and polyethylene. It has the advantages of ethylene and propylene, light weight and long service life.

The workshop parts box is equipped with dust-proof label cover and two-color label card. The new back-hanging parts box developed by Qingdao Guanyu Plastic Co., Ltd. strengthens the base structure to ensure the stability of the placement of the parts box. The middle part of the parts box is designed with assembly chutes, which can effectively prevent the parts box from being crushed and damaged during transportation.

The workshop parts box plays a very good role in complementing the multi-variety and multi-standards such as small parts storage at the station, and effectively saves space, reduces costs, and the site is neat and beautiful.

 The workshop parts box can be used alone, and can be used together with light-duty shelves, lockers and other station tools, which is convenient to combine, saves space and reduces costs. It is widely used in electronics, home appliances, machinery, automobile 4S shops, spare parts warehouses, production sites, warehouse centers and other industries.