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Why plastic turnover box has uneven color problems?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

1. Made of crystalline plastic, we should try to make sure all parts of plastic turnover box are cooling in the same rate. For plastic turnover box of different wall thickness, we could use some colorants to mask the color; while for plastic turnover box with almost same wall thickness, the temperature of raw material and mold should be fixed to reduce its uneveness of color.


2. The shape design, gate form and position of plastic turnover box’s all have impacts on plastic filling, which may cause color-uneveness of the container. The color problem needs to be modified, if necessary.


3. Poor diffusivity of colorant often cause uneven-colored pattern near the gate.


4. Heat stability of plastic and colorant is poor, so to stabilize the color of Yantai plastic turnover container, production conditions must be strictly fixed, especially material temperature, material amount and production cycle.


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