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What are the uses of used pallets?
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Rational use of old pallets has become a popular practice. Pallet recycling can reuse wood and plastic to avoid the creation of large amounts of waste. Using a recycling tray in a simple construction project around the house can save a lot of money while also improving the environment.

Recycled trays can be easily used to build your favorite home. By collecting several common pallets made of plastic, the components of each pallet can be removed to form a basic structure for walls and roofs. Even if the nails used in the original pallet can be in the new structure, this further will greatly reduce the construction cost.

The waste wooden pallet can regenerate the paper card board without disassembling parts. With wooden boards or plastic trays, you can build a nest of small animals in the yard. The pallets are joined by wood, glue and nails to form a wall and roof. Not only can it turn waste into treasure, but the appearance is still very fashionable!