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Two methods to pick good quality plastic foldable turnover box
- Sep 13, 2018 -

First of all, when picking “Hubei” brand foldable turnover box, you can observe their appearance directly, looking at the box color, whether the color is evenly distributed, whether there has stains, etc. Under normal circumstances, good quality “Hubei” brand foldable turnover box always looks more bright-coloured and lustrous. If the box is with dull color and looks less lustrous, then some other materials must be blended into the PP and PE material during the production process and you must pay some special attention for that.


Second, pick good quality plastic foldable turnover box according to its weight, but the premise of this is that the use of raw material should be the same. Because some dishonest manufacturers will add some stone powder to the container’s raw material to increase its weight, which not only raise the procurement costs, but also affect its usage safety, for stone powder may make the container very easy to break, and greatly shorten its lifespan, causing certain losses for enterprises.