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The truth of the skyrocketing price of cartons
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The truth of the skyrocketing price of cartons

The article not only analyzes the market situation of the present paper and carton patiently, but also indicates the difficulties faced by the current packaging industry, and points out the Countermeasures of the downstream enterprises, which is extremely rational and positive energy, which brings more thinking to the current chaotic situation.

At present, the price of the original paper has risen all the way and has no price. Since the beginning of September 2016, the price of the original paper has been soaring, the price rises in September, the price rises by 150 yuan per ton, the price rises of 4 round in October, the price rises by 300 yuan per ton, and the price rises by 500 yuan per ton from November to 11, and has risen 950 yuan per ton in more than two months, up 35%. The above has caused a fatal blow to the carton packaging industry. After a hard to digest the rise in the price of paper before September, the packaging enterprise had a weak increase (up 5% in October 1st, 5% in November 1st, 15% in November 10th), and it was really difficult to digest the space for the price rise of the original paper. Besides, there are many customers who are not willing to increase the price so far, the receipt is really a huge loss, and it is an old customer who has been cooperative for many years. So the packaging enterprise is facing a very big dilemma.

1. By analyzing the situation of the paper mill, although the increase is nearly 950 yuan / ton, the paper mill also has no profit. The specific reasons are as follows:

1, waste paper: from 950 yuan per ton in September 1st to 1400 yuan per ton in November 10th, 1.25 tons of waste paper for each ton of finished paper and 1.25x450=562 yuan for waste paper increase;

2, steam cost: before coal 480 yuan per ton, each ton of finished paper needs 200 yuan of steam cost, now coal is 950 yuan / ton, and the cost of each ton of steam has increased by almost 200 yuan.

3, freight: in September 21st, the new transport policy, freight increased by 30%, and the paper mill's entry and exit are heavy loads. Freight charges increased by 60 yuan on average of 100 yuan per ton freight.