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The application of plastic turnover box in products loading and transportation
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Plastic turnover box is a common-used storage cell. It can work with a variety of logistics containers and workshop equipments for warehouses and production sites.

Also, plastic turnover box can help enterprises to achieve the generalization and integration management of logistic containers, which making turnover box become a must for production and distribution companies to achieve modern logistics management. So, lte’s see what function does plastic turnover box have in the loading and unloading process?


1.       Plastic turnover box can be used as loading and transporting tool. When working with forklift it can greatly improve products loading and unloading speed and operating efficiency; thus shorten the operating time.

2.       The application of plastic turnover box in goods loading and moving can greatly relieve heavy manual labor and reduce work accidents, so that achieve the aim of "people-oriented."

3.  The usage of plastic turnover box in products handling, can give full play to forklifts, cranes, conveyors and other mechanical equipment, which offering favorable conditions for the mechanization and automation for products handling.

4.  For some workplaces, there has a certain limit of height. When handling heavy objects, crane can not be used. In this case, only forklifts and plastic turnover box can be used to handle the products effectively, which makes plastic turnover box in an irreplaceable position.