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Four Structure Featurers of Guanyu Brand Plastic Turnover Containers
- Oct 11, 2018 -

1. Adopt reinforced ribs. Reinforced ribs can effectively increase the “Guanyu” plastic turnover container’s rigidity, improve its application effect and saving the plastic consumption; therefore, all“Guanyu” plastic turnover containers in usage now, without exception, have reinforced ribs structure.


2. Has inner structure can fit loaded objects accordlingly. Now “Guanyu” plastic turnover container mainly has two types of inner structure for packaging different products. For goods with bottle, the container generally has intermediate spacer structure, which could not only prevent the collision damage between bottles during transport process, but also increasing the stiffness of the container. For fruits, the inner wall of the container is designed very plain to prevent products damage caused in storage and transportation.


3. With additional structure for easy handling. Normally, large “Guanyu” plastic turnover container has a special design in the bottom for forklit to load and unload products easily from trucks; while medium and small size “Guanyu” plastic turnover container often has convenient handles to facilitate movement (with high strength handles, users can even drag the container with one hand without causing any damage).


4. Easy to stack. After loading of goods, “Guanyu” plastic turnover container could be multi-storey stacked. Empty containers can be nested or folded to reduce storage space.