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Several points of attention when using plastic turnover box
- Sep 28, 2018 -

1. Its load must meet the standard carrying capality of the plastic turnover box. For example, for the same batch of cargo, the number and weight of each plastic turnover box must be same also. Products of different consignees and different types can not be mixed in a turnover box.

And there should be fully loaded goods on the plane side of turnover box, keeping goods flat in four sides, and four corners of the turnover box into 90 degrees, and the top to maintain level.


2. For freight of cargo transported with plastic turnover box, it should be cataluated according to only the goods volume and weight, and the weight and height of the plastic turnover box should be taken off when caculate the freight. That is to say, for containers itself, is free of transporting freight.


3. There are certain restrictions of products types when loading goods with plastic turnover box, which means not all products could be storaged by plastic turnover box for transportation.

Goods suitable for the of plastic containers transportation are usually products with package, for products in bulk, bare, overweight, overlength condition or need storaged in cold termperature, can not be transported by plastic turnover box. Two different products with dangerous features, absolutely can not be installed in the same plastic turnover box for transportion.


4.When transporting goods with plastic turnover box, it must be marked on all transport ingdocuments, " transport by turnover box ".

5. Ensure every plastic turnover box being bundled firmly, with sufficient strength and stability of balanceto bear the general risk of transporting and withstand operations of loading and unloading. Also make sure the top of container could bear certain pressure.