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Do you know the operation method of screen printing for plastic turnover containers?
- Sep 30, 2018 -

1.       When printing, there should be a small gap between the surface of plastic turnover container and the screen. Generally, size of the gap should be about 0.1 mm. If the gap is too narrow, it is easy to produce a cloudy edge; if the gap too large, it may result in lacking of printing or unclearness. When printing, with lower edge affixed with adhesive tape to form a small gap between screen and the turnover container surface, the screen can be placed directly on the plastic turnover container where need printing. Positioning fixtures need to be made to make sure there has a certain benchmark when printing, if necessary.


2. When do screen printing for plastic turnover container, the scraper and the screen need to form a certain angle, which means only the edge of the scraper can contact with the screen. The best state is all contact points of the scraper and screen forming a line, if the contact points become too much, it will result in the phenomenon of fuzzy writing etc.


3. During the process of screen printing process for plastic turnover container, there should not have residual ink in the mesh after the scraper leave the screen.


4. If the process of screen printing for plastic turnover needs a short-term pause, a small amount of ink needs to be used to cover the mesh, to prevent drying.


5. Check the screen printing quality for plastic turnover container often. If there are rough edges of handwriting, or lacking of ink caused by mesh block, the screen should be wiped immediately, usually only wiping the bottom side.


6. After fishing the screen printing, the printing tools should to be cleaned by cleaner. You can use a clean cotton yarn or cloth that covered with clearner to scrub the tools.


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