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How to judge whether the tray is good or bad
- Oct 26, 2018 -

  Plastic pallets are distributed between cities. In each city's building, it is used according to the industry. It seems that the use of plastic pallets is still very extensive. Then, after the plastic tray is used up, is it thrown away? Actually not, many still have recycling, which is called second-hand plastic pallets.

  How to judge whether a tray is good or bad? Guanyu Enterprise will teach you a few look at the tray.

The first point: First, look at the thickness of the plastic tray. The thicker the surface, the better the quality and the more durable.

The second point: the weight of the plastic tray, the plastic tray that is too light weight is not durable, the heavier the stronger;

  The third point: choose plastic pallets, do not choose non-flexible, that is, hard state, this tray has been aging, easy to crack in use, choose a certain flexibility.