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Do you know how to clean and make disinfection of plastic storage bins?
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Plastic storage bin is a kind of small storage box, which commonly used in factories and office to store various small parts, materials and stationery supplies in a very orderly way. Just like other types of storage boxes, plastic storage bin also need cleaning and disinfecting after long-term use. The following are brief steps of plastic storage bins’ cleaning and disinfection.


1. Take the bins which need clean to the cleaning room, use cloth to dip some cleaner, and then wipe the corner and bottom of the bins carefully, make sure no stains remain.

2. Re-dip the cloth with some cleaner, and wipe the plane parts of the bin carefully, according to the order from the top down, and inside out. Pls make sure no stains remain.

3. Wash the bins for at least 3 times with clean water. Immerse about 3cm of the plastic storage bins into water, wipe them clean with cloth, and place them in clean room, natural dry.

4. After all dry-up, use proper disinfectant wiping the bins to make disinfection.

5. After the disinfection, place the bins in cleanng room, natural dry. And fill the date of cleaning and disinfection also validity period.

Pls note that, plastic storage bins that beyond the disinfection validity period must be re-disinfected before use. Otherwise it cannot ensure it did not suffer a secondary pollution.