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About plastic containers
- Jun 05, 2018 -

About plastic containers

Plastic containers, hollow blow molding containers, are made by hollow molding. Plastic barrels, cans and closed plastic buckets, cans, open plastic barrels and cans are mainly used for filling solid chemical products, food and drugs, and closed plastic barrels and cans are mainly used for filling liquid materials. It has the characteristics of light weight, non friability, corrosion resistance and rerecyclability. Its maximum volume is 450L, and the maximum weight of cargo is 400kg.

Production process

In the design and production process of plastic containers, we must pay attention to the following problems: blow up, extension, vertical load strength, container rigidity, support surface, mouth cover thread, shape and outer surface and molding, temperature, pressure, etc. to ensure the mechanical properties, formability, mold structure and processing rationality and capacity of plastic containers. The use condition of the device. The technological process is: mixing, screw extrusion, mold closing, blow molding, die opening, cooling, trimming and testing.